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The Task

The aim of this project was to introduce a new product to the sortiment of the outdoor lifestyle company Primus. The function of the product should allow the user to prepare edibles non-typical for the outdoor lifestyle while going on a weekend trip. It was of great importance that the product both fit the brand and created new value for the Primus target audience.

The project was done as a collaboration between the Design and product development program at the Royal Institute of Technology and Primus, during the autumn of 2012.

The team of designers behind the work are Tony Larsson, Emil Helin, Tony Book and Pierre Rudin.

brand values


The brand

The outdoors is a demanding environment, and Primus knows this. The user of their equipment needs to be confident in that it will work and not break down while out in the wild. This makes trust a key element to the brand.

To create trust it is important to signal the vast knowledge Primus has in the market of outdoor equipment, and show that they are as passionate about it as their users.


Narrowing down

Before generating ideas for possible new products, it was important to narrow down the problem further. By focusing on the Swedish market and researching the preferences of those who used Primus equipment the following conclusions could be made.

Swedes love coffee, and yet when we go hiking we are likely to rely on quick solvable coffee that can not offer the same rich taste as coffee from ground beans. This is a compromise that stems from how easy it is to mix some hot water with solvable powder, compared to using real coffee that needs to be filtered in some way.

With this realisation the project was narrowed down to enabling users to have exclusive tasting coffee out in the wild.


Introducing quality coffee to the wild




Primus Inverse

Primus Inverse is a heat insulating cup that is specifically designed for coffee brewing. It has a built in coffee particle filtering mechanism that allows for ground coffee to be enjoyed quickly without any complicated filtration process. It is made out steel with flame resistant silicon going around the sides. This makes it is possible to heat its content over a gas flame while still being able to hold it barehanded.

The choice of materials and shape are the results of designing for the brand to give a feeling of both Primus engineering knowledge and their passion for the outdoor lifestyle. By making the product consist out of only a few durable components the hope is to give the user a feeling of trust in that it will not fail them.

How to use


Primus inverse is quick to use and easy to clean by rinsing with water. The size is optimised for brewing one larger coffee, which makes this a very personal product that aims to create attachment.