A common criticism of the commercial 3D printing movement is that it is only possible to manufacture things that are of little use in real life. To some extent this has been true due to the limitations on both durability and the type of products that can be made with commercial printers.

BoBo Clock is my attempt to bring a product with real life value to the 3D printer community. Designed from the ground up for 3D printing the clock makes for a nice little companion at your desk or bedside table. You can download the design for free below.

Download Design


3D printable clock iso view

3D printable clock on sketchbook


The assembly can be done in 2 minutes without using any screws or glue.

Step 1

The first step is to attach the legs to the back. This is done by inserting each leg, then twisting it 90 degrees to lock it in place.

Assembly step 1

Step 2

Now insert the shaft of the clock movement into the front, tightening it into place using the included nut.
Assembly Step 2

Step 3

Now attach the hour and minute hand onto the shaft. Most likely the holes will be too small due to deformation during printing. To solve for this just use a sandpaper/knife for a few seconds to enlarge the hole. Just be careful not to make the holes too big.

Once the hands are attached move them both to midnight and then set the correct time using the dial on the back.
Assembly step 3

If you want you can add a minute hand to the clock as well. To do that take the red second hand that comes with the clock movement and cut it down to a length that fits the clock.

Step 4

Insert the front part into the back of the clock. Remember to twist the front legs to such an angle that the prongs on the front can pass through.

Step 5

In the final step you fixate the front to the back by rotating the front legs approximately 15 degrees as seen in the image. This will put part of the legs behind the prongs attached to the front, making the case impossible to disassemble. To detach the front you need to turn the legs to their previous position.

Remember to avoid using force when twisting the legs, or else the prongs on the front might break.
Assembly step 5

And you’re done! If you decide to make the clock please send me pictures @ThingTony. I’d love to see the results of using different colours and materials!

3D printable clock on desk

Download Design

Video of Assembly