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Welcome to my website!

I’m a product designer born and raised in Stockholm. At the moment I work from sunny Barcelona as a freelancer. TonyThings is my home online and the place where I share my thoughts on various topics and showcase my work.

Want to chat about design or collaborate on a project? Contact me at tony@tonythings.com

You can also follow me on twitter as @ThingTony.


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Great cooperation with Tony. Very professional and structurized approach. He is a genius in his field. Will work again with him.

–Dr. Eric Soehngen


Tony is an excellent industrial designer, who can take your product from an idea, all the way to a 3D CAD render. In addition to this, he easily meets deadlines, and is able to use his own creativity on the project. One of the best freelancers I have had the pleasure of hiring.

–Deion Fitts


I would highly recommend working with Tony if you have a product to bring to oveife. First of all, he is extremely nice and was a pleasure to work with the past few months. Tony was able to take my many design requirements and specs and mold them into the ideal product that I am so proud of. He was very patient reworking certain details even when it meant going past our expected delivery date but kept going until I was satisfied with every piece and thus we have ended up with a final product that I love. I would highly recommend him!

–Emanuelle Selman

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