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Lego robot holding circuit

How We Make Manufacturing of Electronics Simple

October 24, 2016

The proliferation of technologies such as 3D printing and easy to implement micro-controller have lowered the barriers of entry for creating prototypes and one-off DIY projects, but when talking about manufacturing on any significant scale things are slow to change. I will in this article point out some things I believe need to be dealt with if we are to lower the barrier of entry of getting into hardware as a business…


Why Not to Worry About Idea Theft

February 28, 2016

Something I encounter often is that a client reaching out to me, is unwilling to talk about the project they have in mind before I have signed an NDA. While I understand the urge to keep secrecy, this approach is actually damaging the project as a whole on several different levels. With this post I hope to ease some worries and…

The Dangers of Customization

February 10, 2016

Letting the user customize various aspects of their product has progressively become a more and more common practice. Consumers today often get to choose a multitude of product traits, such as colour, size, texture and under the hood-specs. Despite all of the great things about customization there are some serious problem that can appear if implemented incorrectly…

What Does a Product Designer Do, Really?

September 29, 2015

What do we do We all get the question “what do you do” on a regular basis. If you are fortunate enough to have an occupation that is well recognised and understood, like acting or being a lawyer, you will simply say what you work with and that will be the end of it. Unfortunately…

Dieter Rams Braun Designer

The Importance of Values

August 22, 2015

So what effect does a designers beliefs really have on the output he produces? First of the beliefs will guide the multitude of choices that need to be made in order to get to the final result. This means that if he is true to his values the product will reflect how the designer thinks about the world and perhaps most notably how he thinks about the…